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"Finally, a comprehensive guide to the confusing world of social networking written especially for writers."

Introducing the
"Social Networking for Writers
Home Study Course"

A home study e-course about social networking especially for writers

    From: Jeannette Koczela and Lynn Jordan

    Dear Fellow Writer:

  • Have you been confused by all the hype around social media and social networking?
  • Are you having trouble figuring out which social networking sites will give you the best results?
  • Are you wasting time on social media sites and not seeing any results?
  • Is your online visibility increasing only at a snail's pace?
  • Are you unsure where to advertise without spending lots of money?
  • Are you frustrated by having to spend more time marketing your business instead of running your business?
  • Do you wish you could attract more clients with less effort using social networking?

If you're like us, you may have wasted a lot of time and energy (not to mention money) trying to figure out how to use social networking sites to market your business.

If you find marketing frustrating, aren't sure where to advertise without spending lots of money or not sure how to create your own social networking systems...

The "Social Networking for Writers
Home Study Course" is your solution!

Social Networking for Writers
  • Grab the attention of editors, agents, and readers
  • Interact with your readers to create an audience
  • Learn why promoting fiction is very different than promoting non-fiction
  • Find out which social networking sites will work for your readers
  • Eliminate confusion and overwhelm surrounding social media
  • Grow your readership faster and easier

Establish, build, and maintain quality client relationships….
and position yourself as an industry leader and a Subject Matter Expert in your field.

Attract new customers and build brand awareness through your increased online visibility.

Save hours of time and aggravation by using a content management system that minimizes your time spent on social networking activities, and maximizes your results.

The Social Networking for Writers Home Study Course
will help you easily establish your social media presence.

Each MODULE is a step-by step guide for activating all the social media elements that will contribute to your marketing program. You will see screenshots of exactly what to do along with detailed instructions. This method of learning is faster than watching videos.

Here is a quick breakdown of everything you'll receive:

Introduction: Getting set up

9 Essential steps to get started on before you go to the Modules.

Intro page

Save hours of time and aggravation by knowing how to get started.
Step-by-step instructions make it easy to get the essentials set up.
Know where to start and know what to do.


Module 1: Setting up Twitter

Start making the connections you need to increase your client base.

  1. Overview
  2. Create an account
  3. Set up profile and settings
  4. Create a background
  5. Twitter settings
  6. Start tweeting
  7. Following others
  8. Other tools: Hash tags; Chats; Mr. Tweet; Socialoomph; Tweet Deck

Twitter pages

Screenshots of step-by-step instructions


Module 2: Setting up Facebook

Learn the inside secrets to promoting your business to Facebook fans.

  1. Overview
  2. Creating a Facebook account
  3. Creating a Facebook fan page
  4. Connect your blog to Facebook
  5. Creating a Facebook event
  6. Connect to Facebook groups

Facebook pages

Screenshots of step-by-step instructions


Module 3: Setting up Linked-In

Find important contacts in your niche with this valuable lesson.

  1. Overview
  2. Audience evaluation
  3. Setting up account
  4. Linking to individuals
  5. Linking your blog
  6. Joining and creating groups

LInkedIn pages

Screenshots of step-by-step instructions


Module 4: Articles

Market yourself as the expert in your niche.

  1. Overview: 4 reasons
  2. Getting started: title, using links, keywords, content, submission
  3. Create credibility and authority
  4. Duplicate content and Google rating
  5. Using articles for earning money
  6. Using articles for promotion: article dir., submission services, resource box, opt-in offer, opt-in page
  7. Article directories: income vs. promo

article pages

Screenshots of step-by-step instructions


Module 5: Videos

Drive tons of traffic to your site by expressing your personality.

  1. Overview
  2. Why writers should use video
  3. Where to use video
  4. Start with simple steps
  5. Software ideas for beginners
  6. Why you should use YouTube
  7. Setting up a YouTube account
  8. List of video sites
  9. Find pictures for your videos
  10. Add music to your videos

video pages

Screenshots of step-by-step instructions


Module 6: Setting up a blog

Create a central hub for all of your social networking sites.

  1. Overview
  2. Third party sites
  3. Wordpress blog
  4. Settings for blog
  5. What to put on blog– plug-ins, widgets, opt-ins, pages
  6. Connecting blog to Twitter-Twitter Tools, settings
  7. Connecting blog to Facebook-Networkblogs-logs into Facebook, blog feed on Facebook page
  8. Connecting to Feedburner
  9. My Blog Log
  10. Commenting on other blogs
  11. Register your blog in blog directories
  12. Register your RSS in RSS directories
  13. Social Bookmarking- bookmarking sites and bookmarking site tools

blog pages

Screenshots of step-by-step instructions


BONUS Module: Content Management System

Have a system you can easily and quickly use to market your business.

Summary: How to use the content management system as your daily guide for managing your social networking activities.

Content Management Checklists (Value: $77)
Content Management Blueprint (Value: $97)
Content Management Activities Chart (Value: $57)

summary bonuses

The home study course includes all "how to" examples in detail
with step-by-step screen shots.
In addition, we explain every module in a step-by-step fashion. All you need to do is follow each step and you are on your way to marketing your business with social networking.

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Our Guarantee:  We have put our reputation on the line and stand behind our product 100%.  And because we believe it will work for you, we are offering a risk-free money back guarantee.  Use this product for 60 days. Show us what you've done on using social media and if you haven't gotten at least a return of your investment back, we will refund 100% of the purchase price. 


Laurie Moritz     "You are the answer to my Social Media prayers! I've been procrastinating getting back into the social media pool for quite some time. I gained a TON of information on your webinar today and I'm looking forward to receiving your free report. My intention is to get my Social Media network organized and running for 2011. Thank you, Lynn & Jeannette!" – Laurie Moritz,

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